Kasper and Julie Ronn
We were lost, very lost in fact. All around us were fields, as far as the eye could see. The TomTom had sent us to the middle of nowhere. As we gingerly drove on, I spotted a small sign to Sandjev. Ten nervous minutes later, we had found Kasper and Julie's remote house and were welcomed in with a cup of strong coffee.
Architect Kasper Ronn and his wife, Julie a fine artist, moved out of Copenhagen a couple of years ago to a small village, two minutes away from the international modern art museum, Lousiana (really worth a trip to if you go to Copenhagen). The house had been a large barn which they split in two so that Julie's sister could live next door with her husband.
Inside, Kasper and Julie have kept their interior free of clutter yet surprisingly cosy. The raw brick walls have been kept and this contrast beautifully with the chandelier in the hallway and the polished concrete floor. A wall of shelving keeps the books contained and with Julia incredible abstract oil painting; adds splashes of colour. Upstairs the rooms are minimal and because of this, the pieces that Kasper and Julie have chosen stand out even more. The simple acrylic cubed bedside tables display a few ornaments picked up on their travels and the statue of Our Lady looks on in the shower. STYLE NV loved the flattened oil canisters picked up from the road, embedded with a few diamonds and now mounted to the wall.
Over the years of photographing people's homes, you come to use and trust your instincts.  As the camera took the photographs, Kasper, Julie, their home and us, clicked.
Ooh I like that!! Where did they get that from?!
Clear acrylic cube bedside tables, €50, Hay,
Ceramic bowl, €200, antique shop
Black bed throw, €150, Hay 
Flattened oil cans, made by Julie, found on the roadside
Chandelier, antiques shop, For similar try Chella Cream Chandelier, £185, Laura Ashley
Shower, bought from a local building supplier
Sofa, €2000, Urban Living 
White 'Hee' wire chairs, by Hee Welling, €150, Hay 
Fur throws, €50, bought from a local carpet store
Coffee table, made by Julie's father, Christian von Lotzbeck
Black candle holder, bought whilst on holiday in Argentina
Black curved chair, by Hee Welling, €250, Hay 
White small round table, €150, Hay 
Black anglepoise light, €10, bought from a second hand market
Cream Eames chair, £445, Twenty Twentyone 
Wooden side table, prototype made by Kasper for his artictect practice, Norm 
Black coffee jug, €50, Menu A/S
Bookcases, prototype made by Kasper for his architect practise, Norm  
Kitchen/Dining room
Dining table, made by Kasper
Dining chairs, antiques shop
Black pendant lights, €200, andTradition 
Stone candle stick holders, Ceramist Camilla Benjamin, Israel
Fruit bowl, Menu A/S 
Ceramic water jug, made by ceramist, Camilla Benjamin, Israel
Kitchen units, KVIK Kitchens 
Kitchen work top (plywood with black stained oil) made by Kasper
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