Henriette and Claus Staib

They say that it takes ten seconds to make a first impression on someone. As Henriette Staib had left us to our own devices, we had her home and the whole day to take an impression.

Being alone in a house as special as theirs felt like we we had stumbled across a hidden shop. For the first fifteen minutes, Rachael and I darted excitedly around her lovely house, looking at all her gorgeously styled belongings. "Oh my God, look at this" and " You've just got to come and look at this" were our delighted cries. Literally, everywhere you turned your head, there was a perfectly styled shot. There was so much to document, that there was no time to loose and we started snapping at an industrious pace.

Located in the small town of Holte, just outside Copenhagen, Henriette and Claus Staib's home is situated on a river bank, behind a large forrest. Like a scene from a Hans Christian Anderson story, Henriette's eccletic mix of ethnic, antique and modern tells the story of thier lives. Henriette's style is a unique blend of ethnic, modern and antiques. " I like a unique mix between things I have had, things I got from my friends and things I bought on my travels" she says. "Everytime I try to be a little bit more minimal, I just think it looks boring and I like the things around me to have a story".

Henriette and Staib own a shop in Holte called De Fire Arstider, which translated means, The Four Seasons. Their shop sells, clothing, design acccessories and flowers. Twice a year, Henriette travels out to the Far East to buy homewares and clothing for her shop and her successful stand at the Danish tradeshow, Formland.

Entering her home, from around the back, you are greeted with an idyllic view. Grass slopes run to the river with their small boat moored to the side. It's as if you have jumped into a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale land where The Ugly Duckling is swimming down the river and Thumbelina is sitting under a flower for shade. Inside, the view continues; Henriette's unusual and beautiful collections make her home such a joy to discover.

Walking into to the dining area, a large, turquoise, Bo Tikken dining table stands with mix matched chairs and oversized, silver, pendant lights. The white walls and floor fill the open plan dining area and kitchen with light. In one corner, a stag's head leans, (this was apparently shot by Henriette's uncle)! To the left is a beautiful traditional tapestry chair, below an antique glass candle holder. Their kitchen is minimal and modern but Henriette's vibrant oil painting by Kvium, an antique chandelier and the collection of kitchen paraphernalia gives it personality.

Art plays an important part of the decoration in Henriette's home and her paintings are her favourite pieces. I've been interested in art for a long time but I've only been able to afford to buy it now" she says. The striking dark oil painting in their sitting room by Annette Merrild, bought on a trip to Barcelona, draws you into the room. Fittingly, a cream leather chair by Patricia Urquola, Spain most prominent designer sits underneath. Through glass double doors lies Henriette's small conservatory. She covered the walls with Sandberg wallpaper by Tapet Café and placed two old patch worked armchairs and a ton of interior magazines!

Upstairs, the stairwell is home to another vivid oil painting by Ida Kwtney and Henriette mixes this with a stunning antique chandelier which she bought at a flea market. Their bathroom is dark and exotic and Henriette and Claus indulged in a roll top bath from Alu."The bath was the most expensive piece I bought, but it was worth it because I still love it and I believe that it is worth buying good quality basic pieces, but they will last so much longer."Henriette says. The master bedroom is spacious and grand. The dark grey wall makes a strong backdrop to their white linen bed by Meridianni. The intricately carved cow's skull, from her own shop, is off set to the bed, but this is balanced by the small corner windows. The modern mirror-ball pendant lights, by Tom Dixon, which hang either side of the bed, add a touch of disco whilst two low stools by Mater add classic and ethical design into the mix. Henriette's bedroom accessories are ethnic, but the other elements of freestanding mirror and low shoe tidy are sparse, keeping the overall feeling modern. I love ethnic pieces, but in a mix with other styles Henriette says I don't like it on its own"

As first impressions go, this wins hand down.

Ooh I like that, where did they get it from?!

Bed Linen, Meridiani, Othilia Decor
Indian Cotton Throw, De Fire Aarstider
Mirror Pendant Lights, Tom Dixon        
Bone Skull Head, De Fire Aarstider
Low Wooden Stools (in front of bed) De Fire Aarstider
Large Freestanding Wooden Mirror, De Fire Aarstider
Low Black Shoe Storage Unit, Own Design       
Burmese Wooden Candle Sticks, De Fire Aarstider

Victor's Bedroom                  
Black Trestle Table, Top, Old Door, Salvage Yard
, Legs, IKEA   
Grey Desk Chair, IKEA       
Yellow Chairs by Hee Welling, Hay Shop     
Stripey Black Cushion, IKEA       
Wicker Baskets, De Fire Aarstider
Black Hat Pendant Lights, Design Delicatessen

Grey Sofa, Bo Concept       
Low Wooden Coffee Table, De Fire Aarstider         
Black Round Mirror, De Fire Aarstider
Stripey Rug, De Fire Aarstider       
White Leather Round Chair by Patricia Urquola Inter Studio
Black Painting by Annette Merrild
Black Wardrobe, Flea Market       

Wallpaper, Tapet Cafeen  
Patchwork Covered Armchairs, Flea Markets       
Framed Photograph, De Fire Aarstider
Venetian Mirror, Flee Markets      

Chandelier, Flea Market
Large Painting, Ida Kwetny

Kitchen/Dining area                   
Blue Dining Table, Bo Tikken
Wooden Chairs, Flea Market   
Black Eames Eiffel Chair, Charles Eames, Sacre Ceur       
Silver Pendant Lights, Moller Rothe       
Tapestry chair, Gift from Friend      
Ornate Wall Mounted Candle Holder (above tapestry chair)
Sacre Ceur                
Rug, Purchased in Marrakesh       
High Stools (underneath painting) Mater       
Chandelier in Kitchen, Antique shop       
Kitchen Units, Morten Hedegard       
Pink Painting by Kitchen Unit, Kvium        


I have heard so many good things about "De Fire Aarstider" and the owners home is anything to go by the shop must be amazing. Love your shots!
Tue 22nd November 2011 at 05:26
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